CTS-V Front End Modification

Installation of the CTS-V front bumper cover, fog lights (with brake vents), and grille(s) on a regular CTS.

Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk - any omisions or errors on my part are not my responsibility.

Parts Needed:
Part Number Description
12335777 Front Bumper Cover, CTS-V (must be painted)
25750634 Right Bumper Extension (new inner fender well cover)
25750635 Left Bumper Extension
25753700 Right Fog Lamp (includes air vent for brakes)
25753699 Left Fog Lamp
25752695 Lower Air Deflector (the lower engine cover/deflector)
25750638 Lower Stainless Mess Grille
15147586 Upper Stainless Mess Grille (includes emblems) - OPTIONAL (you can use the regular grille)
NA Two additional screws for the fog lamps (the regular CTS only uses two screws for each fog lamp, and the CTS-V front end uses three per lamp)
NA 10 Push-in expansion pins for lower grille

The first step is to order your front end and have it painted to match by a skilled paint shop. I HIGHLY recommend you have your dealer install your front end for you as it's not a simple project and really requires two people to remove the front end and position the new front end.

Once you have your new front end cover ready, you'll need to jack your front end up, and remove both wheels. Next, go along inside the front part of the wheel wells and underneath the front end, and remove all the push-in expansion pins that secure those items to the vehicle. Take note of where you remove them from, and how everything overlaps while you remove them. You'll reuse the black rubber air dam that is on the very bottom of the front end - take special note to how that rubber air dam is installed. Remove the front inner fender wells and the lower air deflector/engine cover (protects/covers the bottom of the engine). Remove the plugs on the fog lamps and on the side parking lamps/turn signals. Now you can gain access to the bolts that secure both sides of the bumper from inside the fender well (by the side parking lamps). Remove the rear-most bolt only, on both sides. Then loosen the two remaining nuts on both sides, only about 4 turns (do not remove them). Now, remove the rubber radiator cover inside the front of the engine area, and remove all the push-in expansion pins from the top of the bumper cover. Now slide the front bumper cover forward and then down to dislodge the two guide bolts that are on both sides (you loosened the nuts that hold them, remember).

[This is a great time to replace your headlight bulbs as you have to remove the front end to gain access]

Now remove the side parking lamps simply by releasing them from the rear and pushing them forward out of the bumper cover. Install them into the new V bumper cover.

Then remove the fog lamps from the bumper cover as you'll need the 4 screws and the rubber fog lamp seals. Install the new fog lamps that are for the V front end by first placing the rubber fog lamp seal over the hole in the bumper cover and then placing the fog lamp on it. Line the holes up and install the screws, on just inside the hole for the fog lamp, and two in the bottom of the bumper cover. Do NOT tighten just yet.

Next, install the Lower Mess grille in the new bumper cover using the 10 push-in expansion pins.

Next, remove all the push-in expansion pins securing the old grille to the old bumper cover. Use these pins to install the new V grille, or your old original grille, into the new bumper cover.

Now position the new bumper cover onto the CTS by putting the two guide bolts that are on both sides up into the fender and sliding it back. Next, install 2 push-in pins in the top of the bumper cover to hold it. Tighten the two nuts on both sides as you align the fender to the bumper cover. Now install the bolt that goes in the third, rear-most position on both sides. Now connect all the electrical connectors.

At this time, you'll want to install the new fender extensions in the front fender well. What should be left to install the lower air deflector/engine cover, but you're not ready for that just yet.

You need to tighten the fog lamps, so push on the back of the fog lamps to align them tight against the bumper cover, and slightly compress the fog lamp rubber seal. Now tighten the screws while you hold this position, on both sides.

Lastly, install the lower air deflector/engine cover, and the rubber lower air dam. Then finish putting in the remainder of the push-pins in the engine compartment area, and replace the rubber radiator cover.

Install Time: Approx. 3 hours

Approx. Cost: $1225 - $1500 (assuming parts through gmpartsdirect.com)

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