Reducing Wind Noise

After applying Dynamat to the rear of the car, I noticed more noise coming from the front. Dynamat Installation

Try this test - Place your arm upright against the winshield pilar while driving at freeway speed. You will notice a moderate reduction in wind and road noise coming through the side of the door.

If you take a close look at your door, you will see a second layer of weather striping (with a felt like material) that runs across the top but stops at the edge

If you look at your rear door, that same material continues past the TOP edge and runs down along the door edge.

I don't know if it was an engineering issue or a cost issue, but they could have easily extended the felt like material down the front door edge. It seems to follow along the same thinking as tiny bits of dampening material applied to the trunk. They could have put a lot more into it but they did not.

Extending the weather striping along the front door will minimized wind and road noise entering the cab. Some other luxury brands will use up to three layers of weather striping to really shut out exterior noise.

I found this material at Home Depot for less than $2.00

There are several different materials available. I choose the RUBBER (not vinly), 5/16" THICK version.

The trick to apply this material is to make sure you have a clean surface. I wiped down the area with alcohol to ensure a good adhesion. It is self adhesive so you don't need anything else.

Apply the strip, trim to size, remove the backing tape and your are done.

Total mod time 15 minutes (not counting the time to buy the material). Once you remove the backing tape, it blends in quite well with the door. Don't forget the passenger side. After installation, I took the vehicle for a test drive and it made a noticeable difference. Not bad for a $2.00 mod.

Special thanks for this to CTSHQ

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