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Call XM Satellite Radio Listener Care at 1.800.852.XMXM (9696) to discuss your subscription options. Be sure to have your XM Radio ID number (tune to Channel 0 and write down the eight-digit radio ID number) and credit card available if you are calling to sign up for one of our Multiyear Service Packages. Continuing Activation

As part of your new GM XM-equipped vehicle purchase, you should already be receiving your three-month trial of 100% commercial-free music, XM Instant Traffic and Weather.* To join the more than one million new customers who are already listening, simply press the BAND button (or AUX button for Saturn owners). Then scroll through the XM channels with the TUNE control and experience XM's go anywhere entertainment.

Hopefully, by now you've decided to continue service after your 3-month trial. So now is the time to decide how you would like to pay for continued XM service when your three-month trial ends. Monthly XM service costs just $9.99 per month for basic service. You can subscribe for two or more years and save up to 25% with our multiyear service packages.

  • Credit Card Billing: The most convenient way to pay means no more invoices to track
  • Multiyear Service Packages: You can purchase a multiyear package directly from your selling dealer at the time you purchase your vehicle, or call XM and discuss the multiyear service packages available to you at a discount for becoming a long-term subscriber.

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