Zoomers Exhaust Details

thanks Luna Available here:http://www.zoomersexhaust

Luna's initial thoughts of the exhaust:

SOUND: While I haven’t set up a sound file yet, I can definitely say that the sound is deep and throaty. You’ll never forget you are driving a muscle car with this exhaust. Inside the cabin (windows up), you’ll find that the exhaust is rather quiet, especially cruising on the freeway. At idle/low RPM it’s a little louder, but nothing too egregious at all. There is essentially no popping with this exhaust either; it’s smooth as ice. On a rare occasion, I can induce like one or so, but it’s definitely nothing that would cause anyone concern. As compared to Corsa, it appears to be (in my opinion) a few decibels lower. If you are looking for more “loud,” B&B/Corsa/Magna might be more your meal-ticket. If you are looking for a more “refined” muscle-car sound, I’d start here and move forward.


For those of you who are interested in cabin resonance, or the lack thereof, I can say with certainty that my car has none; nada; nothing. Not a hint, even subsequent to lugging the crap out of the motor. I thought I was going to be able to squeak a little bit out of it at about ~1,500 RPM in 6th gear, but wasn’t able to produce it. Further, there is no annoying drone either. All you get is the exhaust melody, nothing more, nothing less.


All stainless steel (T-304 or something like that). A definite “solid” feeling system. I was particularly pleased with how “high and tight” the exhaust fit on the car.


Unfortunately, I was not able to produce dyno numbers both before and after based solely on the exhaust. My car was “eddy current” dyno tuned almost immediately after the exhaust was installed and I wasn’t particularly fond of paying for such tune two separate times (and tuning in such a manner takes a long time). All I can say is that I got approximately 40 more lb feet out of torque from changing to the “correct” pulley (3.0 to 2.8), a Volant CAI and the aforementioned exhaust. Interpret as you wish.

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