How do I install the Bluetooth Kit?

You have two options for bluetooth in the CTS-V:
1. Install a bluetooth kit that does NOT integrate with the audio system in the V
This means you will need to turn down the radio when making a call, you will hear the call through a speaker that an installer will put in your car, etc

2. Install one of the kits below that DOES integrate with the adio in the V:
This means that radio will mute when you make or receive a call, you will hear the call through the car's audio system

CTS-V interface/ bluetooth kit

You need to e-mail me if you are interested in this. I will order the kit in batches of five.

  • 1. You must be willing to UNPLUG and completely disconnect onstar
  • 2. You must be willing to accept NO warranty (other than DOA or physical failure of the box) on this interface box
  • 3. You need to buy a motorola Bluetooth kit (I recommend IHF-1000) in ADDITION to this interface box
  • 4. You must be willing to install yourself or have a reputable installer install it (its not 100% easy). I give it a 6 on the 1-10 scale for difficulty.

  • Read and understand the instructions here: Instructions.pdf

    let me know if anything doesnt make sense or you have questions.

    Parrot Kit

    Parrot kit install instructions (PDF) (thanks jimmy):

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