How do I replace the compartment Air filter? How often?

Use the procedure listed below to replace the passenger compartment air filter:

PDF of instructions from service manual


These instructions are from the Manual
  • 1. Turn the ignition to ON with the engine off.
  • 2. Turn on the windshield wipers and turn them off again when the wipers are in the out-wipe position. The wipers will be straight up and down on the windshield. This will allow you access to the leaf screen under which is located the passenger compartment air filter.
  • 3. Open the hood to access the engine compartment. See Hood Release on page 5-11 for more information.
  • 4. Remove the four screws that hold the leaf screen in place and lift off the screen by lifting and sliding toward the center of the vehicle.
  • 5. Pull out on the two tabs located on each end of the filter cover.
  • 6. Lift the filter cover off by pulling it straight upward.
  • 7. Remove the old filter and insert a new one. Make sure the arrow on the filter is pointing toward the passenger compartment. See Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts on page 6-15 for the correct part number for the filter.
  • 8. Reverse Steps 1 through 6 to reinstall the cover.

  • How often
    Depends on how dusty of an environement you live in, but the manual specifies every other time you change your oil (based on the engine oil filter monitor). Those of you who change the oil more often, I estimate it to be about every 1.5 to 2 years.

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